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Kiss To Release Second Kissology DVD Series

Rock band Kiss has announced that the second volume in the Kiss: Kissology DVD box set will be released on August 14, to coincide with the launch of the Kiss mouthwash, the Kiss radiator and the Kiss colonoscopy kit.


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Isaiah Washington Fired Because Of Racism?

In a recent interview with Newsweek, former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington claims that he was fired because his network was afraid of the presence of a strong black man on set. Washington goes on to state that his mistake was “thinking black people get second chances.” The currently unemployed Washington plans to spend the next few months golfing with O.J. Simpson and watching Cincinnati Bengals games.

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Carlos Mencia’s DVD Goes Platinum

Carlos Mencia’s No Strings Attached DVD has been certified platinum. In honor of his achievement, Mencia is expected to receive a commemorative framed platinum DVD created entirely from the parts of disks belonging to all the comedians he stole his jokes from.

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Benoit’s Wikipedia Editor Confesses

The person who posted information on Wikipedia relating to the death of Chris Benoit‘s wife hours before the bodies were discovered has come forward and admitted that the whole thing was just a freak coincidence. Another freak coincidence: 60 wrestlers dropping dead before the age of 65 since 1985.

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