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Paris Hilton Comments On Adoption Rumor

Paris Hilton shot down a story claiming she was planning to adopt four blond babies, calling the rumor “retarded,” because, obviously baby adoption is like so last year.


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Barry Manilow Cancels View Appearance

Barry Manilow has pulled out of a scheduled appearance on The View because of his dislike for co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, even going so far as to call her “dangerous and offensive,” which pretty much describes how most people feel about Barry Manilow’s nose. And music. Don’t forget his music.

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Talent Agency Cuts Ties With Britney Spears

In much the same way as she’s used to dropping her sons on the ground, Britney Spears has been dropped by her management company The Firm, just one month after hiring them. Luckily, Britney has put on a few pounds in recent months to cushion the fall.

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