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Barry Manilow Cancels View Appearance

Barry Manilow has pulled out of a scheduled appearance on The View because of his dislike for co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, even going so far as to call her “dangerous and offensive,” which pretty much describes how most people feel about Barry Manilow’s nose. And music. Don’t forget his music.


September 18, 2007 - Posted by | Barry Manilow, Celebrities, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Entertainment, Music, The View, TV

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  1. I have a comment about today’s show in which one of the hosts, Ms.Hasselbeck, described growing up in a household where racism was not known to her until recently. I believe she and many people who are raised the same way are the reasons why America has been a threatening place to live for all black people, rich and poor. And it is solely done by the notion that systemic racism does not exist and that Black people need to get over slavery.

    I have some eye opening news for Ms. Hasselbeck. The Gena 6 case is one of many cases where Blacks have been the victims of systemic racism in many facets of American life. For instance, try reliving the events of 9/11 everyday of your life and now try to psychologically remain sane and productive through it for more than 400 years systemic racism nonstop with very small change in your social, political, economic, and family life.

    What you are doing has been coined “White Supremacy “. It’s when someone such as yourself can only interpret your own life events and gauge everyone else base on how you feel at the time. For example, if you are happy about current events in regards to say the public educational system in New York, then everybody must be happy because your personal life and experience with such system is a reflection of everybody.

    That would only be true if everybody’s children attended the same school and lived in the same good, wholesome American neighborhood. In reality, this is not the case due to the disproportionate amount of Black and Brown children from inner city ‘hoods who live in districts that have been systemically underfunded and are dangerous.

    I would like for you and people who think like you to open your eyes to systemic racism in this country and be aware of it, so that we as Americans can put a stop to it when it displays itself in places like The Gena 6, the work place, and the justice system. Together we can make America the country her forefathers intended her to be, pluralistic and inclusive in all areas in life.

    Comment by Lee | September 19, 2007 | Reply

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