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Avril Lavigne Wrote Songs While Drunk

Singer Avril Lavigne admitted in a recent interview that she was drunk when she wrote some songs that appear on her latest album. In related news, many music critics have admitted getting drunk in order to make it all the way through the pop star’s most recent album.


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Avril Lavigne Amused By Old Look

Rocker Avril Lavigne has a good laugh whenever she looks back at her “skater” years because they remind her of how much she has changed over the years. Said Lavigne:

When I look back now all I can think is, ‘God, I was such a s**t. I was such a tomboy, running around, getting in fights, hanging out with guys. In all my interviews I would have my head down and moodily just grunt an answer. But that was my style back then, that was the image my record label decided I would have.

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