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Joel Madden To Marry Nicole Richie?

Rocker Joel Madden has confirmed that he plans to marry his pregnant girlfriend Nicole Richie. Said Madden, “obviously, marriage is in our future. I don’t know when or where or how, but right now our priority is our family and is the baby. We are in love and are really happy.” Should the wedding materialize, it would surely mark the first time the groom has worn more makeup for the occasion than his bride.


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Nicole Richie Pregnant?

Recent photographs showing Nicole Richie with a bloated belly at a reproductive clinic indicate that the reality TV star might be expecting her first child, or she could’ve just finished eating a pea when the pictures were taken. It’s not really clear at this point.

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Chestnut Sets New Hot Dog Eating Record

American Joey Chestnut set a new competitive eating record by scarfing down an astounding 59.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes, shattering the old mark of 54.25 held by Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi. Not to be outdone, Nicole Richie also set a new food related record over the weekend by throwing up three out of the four meals she ate.

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Paris Hilton Petitions Battle It Out

Petitions to pardon and to jail Paris Hilton have appeared on the web, with the “Free Paris Hilton” petition showing 20,000 signatures while the “Jail Paris Hilton” petition currently features over 40,000 signatures. If it’s any consolation to Hilton, 60,000 people do care enough about her to sign an online petition, which is 59,999 more than those who took the time to sign the “Feed Nicole Richie” petition.

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Nicole Richie To Launch Perfume

‘Actress’ Nicole Richie plans to release a signature scent when shooting wraps on her reality TV show ‘The Simple Life’. Insiders claim that the perfume will be modeled after the odor of a night club bathroom stall with a touch of vomit thrown in for good measure.

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Nicole Richie Diagnosed With Blood Disorder

Nicole Richie has been diagnosed with the blood disorder hypoglycaemia, a condition that makes her blood sugar levels too low at times to provide an adequate amount of energy for her body. In an effort to counteract the effects of the disorder, Richie is said to have doubled her cocaine and speed intake.

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