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Mamet To Create Ford Ads

Ford Motor Co. has hired distinguished filmmaker and playwright David Mamet to direct some of its commercials. Executives hope the new commercials will stop the recent ‘always be closing’ trend that has been plaguing Ford plants for the past few years.


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Israeli Firm Develops Flying Car

Israeli company Urban Aeronautics is currently developing prototypes for two flying cars. While details of the program are being kept secret, not only has NewsNuggets obtained a picture of one of the prototypes but we can also confirm that its designer is none other than Homer J. Simpson.

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Toyota Developing New Hybrid Car

Toyota Motor Corp. is in the process of developing a plug-in hybrid vehicle and has invited other automakers to join in on the research, according to the president of its North American operations. Rival automobile manufacturer GM has spurned the offer and is said to be developing a plug-in car of its own. General Motors’ tentatively named ‘Guzzler’ would have to be plugged into a gas station pump overnight in order to fill up its fuel tank.

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