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World’s Poor Represent $5 Trillion Market

A report by the International Financial Corp estimates that the four billion people who live under the poverty line represent an untapped global market worth $5 trillion in local purchasing power. Unfortunately that’s comes out to one flat screen LCD TV per person and maybe enough money for milk and cigarettes.


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Topps Says Yes to $385.4M Takeover Bid

Card maker Topps has accepted a $385.4M takeover bid from a buyout group that includes former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. The price is expected to be revised if the inspection of Topps headquarters reveals that the building isn’t in mint condition.

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Dow Posts Worst Week In Four Years

The Dow Jones industrials continued to fall on Friday, capping off their worst weekly performance in more than four years. There were however some bright spots on Wall Street this week with alcohol sales more than tripling and law enforcement officials reporting record highs in suicide attempts.

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