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China Denies Involvement In Pet Deaths

The Chinese government officially denied responsibility on Friday for several pet deaths in the United States as a result of a batch of chemically contaminated wheat gluten that came from China. In a report that appears in the official Chinese newspaper of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, a spokesperson was quoted as saying that “China has nothing to do with the pet poisoning in the United States, only the pet eating.”


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McDonald’s Testing Bigger Burger

Fast-food chain McDonald’s is currently testing a bigger high-end Angus burger that weighs in at one-third of a pound, according to reports. McDonald’s officials were quick to point out that the reported measure only represents the weight of the beef patty itself. The final product is expected to weigh approximately five pounds after McDonald’s is done splashing it with more than four pounds of lettuce and special sauce, in an attempt to make the burger taste like something other than cardboard.

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