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Prominent French Scientist Reverses View On Global Warming

Claude Allegre, one of France’s leading scientists, and also one of the first proponents of global warming, has apparently reversed his position. In a September interview, Allegre states that global warming is over-hyped and an environmental concern of second rank. Following the interview, Allegre was reportedly seen trying to stuff a novelty check signed by John Chevron Smith into an ATM.


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Bush Assesses Tornado Damage

President George W. Bush arrived in Alabama on Saturday to survey the damage done by a deadly tornado that hit the region two days ago. Speaking with displaced residents, Mr. Bush tried to counter the claim that the White House was late in reacting to the disaster. Said Mr Bush:

“I hope it helps for the citizens here to hear that we declared your county a white disaster area, which will provide much quicker relief efforts.”

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