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Olympian Gardner Survives Small Plane Crash

Olympic wrestling champion Rulon Gardner and two Utah men were rescued by a local fisherman on Sunday, after the small plane they were flying in crashed into Lake Powell. Gardner and the two men swam to shore in freezing water and spent the night huddled together before being spotted on Sunday. This isn’t Gardner’s first brush with death. In 2002, Gardner lost a toe to frostbite after being stranded overnight in the wilderness. While training for the 2004 Olympic Games, Gardner was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and way back in third grade, he impaled himself with an arrow. Remarkably, Gardner is already back at work, planning his next activities. The Olympian expects to jump out of a plane without a parachute in 2008 and walk a tightrope across the Mount Etna volcano in 2009.


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