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Sony Develops Paper-Thin TV Screen

Sony has released a video showing off its new full-color paper-thin display. In a move reminiscent of the PS3’s marketing, Sony’s 0.01 inch thick bendable screen is expected to go on sale with a price tag of a billion dollars despite having no shows encoded for it.


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New Hard Drives To Have 1 Terabyte Capacity

A Hitachi hard drive commercially released by Dell is allowing users to store 1 terabyte of data, thereby ensuring that all future hard drive failures and the ensuing loss of accumulated porn will be much more painful.

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Apple Sells 100 Millionth iPod

Apple announced today that the 100 millionth iPod has been sold. In related news, Apple plans to announce tomorrow that the 90 millionth iPod battery has died.

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World Bank Gives African Nations $164.5M For Internet Connections

The World Bank has agreed to loan $164.5 million to Kenya, Burundi and Madagascar for high-speed Internet connections, after realizing that those nations wouldn’t be able to pick up the wireless signal sent by the massive router that Mexico City plans to sneak into Texas.

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Mexico City To Offer City-Wide Internet Access?

Mexico City’s new mayor wants to offer high-speed wireless Internet access to all 8.7 million residents of his city. While still in the early stages, the mayor’s plan reportedly involves sneaking a very large wireless router into Texas and leeching off its Internet connection.

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Swedish Company To Build Floating Pyramids

Swedish based company Oceanic-Creations plans to build floating commercial and residential buildings around the world. In related news, The Pirate Bay has launched a massive pledge drive.

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Tech Firms Going Green

In an effort to improve their image, some tech firms are beginning to implement environmentally friendly practices. Leading the way is Google which plans to start recycling all spam email by the end of 2007.

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Sony Claims Rumble In Playstation Is “A Last Generation Feature”

According to Sony’s president of worldwide studios Phil Harrison, Sony didn’t incorporate the wildly popular rumble feature into its Playstation 3 controller because the company believes that it’s a “last generation feature”. Another last generation feature for Sony: the ability to sell Playstations.

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