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Obama Jesus Sculpture Causes Controversy

A sculpture created by a 24-year-old college student, depicting Barack Obama as Jesus, is causing quite a stir in Illinois. While some religious groups have come out against the portrayal of Obama as Jesus, most are simply pointing out the major inaccuracy in the artwork: the absence of photographers and microphones around the presidential candidate’s likeness.


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Obama More Popular Than Hillary On MySpace

It was revealed today that Barack Obama’s MySpace page lists 66,080 friends while rival Hillary Clinton only has 359 friends on her page. Unfortunately for Senator Obama, 16-year-old emo kids are not allowed to vote.

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Obama Not A Good Parker?

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama has finally paid about $400 in parking fines owed for 17 parking tickets received during his days as a law student, 17 years ago. A few moments before making the late payment, an irritated Obama was reportedly heard muttering something about “parking Air Force One wherever I want.”

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